Wall of Honor


Bernards High School Wall of Honor:

The Bernards High School Student Council initiated the idea for a wall to honor the achievements of past Bernards graduates and contributors in the Spring of 2012. By the start of 2013, a committee was formed to create the Wall of Honor.

The committee consists of District Administrators, Teachers, Student Council Advisor and Officers, Board of Education members, and distinguished members of the community. This committee will receive and review the nominations and decide on the members of each induction class. Inductees will be invited to join the committee in inducting the future Wall of Honor classes.

The Wall of Honor Committee will look to induct exemplary citizens that serve as role models for all members of the Bernards High School community. To be eligible, he or she must have graduated at least 10 years ago and made significant contributions to his or her field (areas such as but not limited to arts, business, education, government/politics, law, philanthropy, or science/medicine). People who have greatly contributed to the Bernards High School community will be eligible for induction, as well. For either category, posthumous nominations are acceptable.

The Wall of Honor Committee is now accepting nominations for Wall of Honor candidates. If you know somebody who fits the criteria and is worthy of receiving such an honor, please fill out the nomination form below.

Inductees to the Wall of Honor will be people we can all be proud of and strive to emulate. With over 100 years of rich history and tradition, the Bernards High School Wall of Honor will celebrate the achievements and contributions of graduates and members of our great High School community.

Please submit nominations by December 6, 2019.

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Bernards High School
Wall of Honor
Nomination Form


  • Through leadership, character, and service, serves as a role model to past, current, and future students at Bernards High School
  • Alumni of Bernards High School

    Graduated from Bernards High School at least ten years ago and accomplished great achievements in his/her field and/or made significant contributions to society.

  • Not an alumni of Bernards High School

    Has made significant contributions to the Bernards High School Community