Friday Folder

Bernards High School Friday Folder

Friday Folders will be the method used to send school-specific information. The nature of these notices will include forms, notices, general school information, etc that would normally be sent home with your child. Please subscribe to this "Newsletter" if you wish to receive weekly information. This "green" initiative is to save money on paper and reproduction, and better serve our environment.

Helpful Information and Answers

Parents that want to receive the Friday Folder mailing.
If you wish to receive the weekly Friday Folder, please visit the following page and provide your information to sign up: Friday Folder Subscribe Page

Who receives the Friday Folder mailings?
Anyone who signs up to the Friday Folder will receive this weekly email.  If you are not receiving the Friday Folders for the school(s) you wish, please visit the following page and subscribe to the Friday Folder you'd like to receive: Friday Folder Subscribe Page

How to unsubscribe to Friday Folders
If you do not wish to receive this weekly email, please click the Unsubscribe link found at the bottom of the mailing.

Can I get the Friday Folder mailing even though I'm not a Parent?

If you are not a parent, employee or student in our district but wish to receive our Friday Folder notifications you can do so by going to the following link and choosing the Subscribe option: Public Friday Folder Sign Up 

To click here to access Friday Folder archives.